A short introduction to me and why I chose to start this blog...

Do you ever feel like something is said by a pundit on TV you totally disagree with in ways no 140 characters will ever satisfy your need to point out their errors? Or maybe your more liberal views in the controversial world of politics is offensive to your elder relatives creating irreparable relationship damage through Facebook arguments?

It was the same for me. I’m by no means an expert in any of the topics I talk about, although I like to at least think I research them thoroughly enough to be more enlightened than most.

I am an avid film watcher though enjoy a Netflix binge as much as the next person! I am also big into music with Hip-Hop being the genre I find most prevalent in my iTunes library.

In terms of sports I am a Manchester United, Philadelphia Eagles and to a lesser extent a New York Knicks fan who have seemingly all collapsed at the same time though I offer no apologies if these fan loyalties influence my sports blogs as it is indeed my opinion!

Whenever we open up the internet, whether to escape a mundane task at work or to find out the overall reaction to a seismic event in the human world, we are overwhelmed with the voices of so many contributing to the global library that is the internet; I just wanted to add mine to that eternal collection.

I by no means want or expect everyone to agree with my views on the topics I write about (that’s why there’s a comments section!) but I do hope people will give me the satisfaction of being heard and appreciate my attempts to comment on the topics I am passionate about.

That is what inspired me to start up this blog. To give me a platform to unload my thoughts and views on any topics I please and with any luck both be heard and open up interesting dialogue with others.

Hope you enjoy 🙂