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New Mini Series

Merely an introductory status/blog update to introduce a few new mini-series I plan to start uploading on a more regular basis; the first of which I have already started:

3 Ways to fix:

In this series I will go through all 20 Premier League teams determining the three main ways I think they can improve during the off-season in order to perform more strongly in the 2017/18 season. It will lay out key personnel decisions, tactics and potential targets for them once the transfer window re-opens.

Top Ten:

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I will simply list who or what I believe is the top ten of all time – my herd of G.O.A.T.s – on a variety of topics be it players of a particular sport, sporting moments or even artists music or otherwise. As usual I will try to back up my claims through clear arguments and facts where suitable but due to the nature of the series there will obviously be a comment session open for debate!

Favourite Five:

Similar to the Top 10 series but instead of claiming these to be the greatest in which I will put forward my argument as to why they should universally be viewed in that rank, my favourite five will simply be my personal favourites. They will just allow me to experiment with a substantially less controversial outlook on similar topics whilst also potentially giving you a better understanding of myself.

Critic Columns:

This series I will reserve purely for giving my review of albums/shows/movies/events that are new out, trending for good/bad purposes or simply have caught my attention and inspiration. I will try to be as objective as possible but of course I will still give my honest summary and rating to conclude.

That should keep me busy and hopefully you entertained! I plan to try and upload at least one for each series per fortnight [obviously 3 ways to fix has a lifespan] and will get started on that ASAP though it may be later in the week due to other engagements I apologise! Please leave any thoughts on these series, or any future suggestions in the comments, Thanks!

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